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    Mnk and HNM

    well hello, i have watched all of your guys' vids and im a big fan. im a mnk and was wondering if Chi Blast, with mnd gear, and boost spamming is effective? Just bought a pride staff for this reason and im wondering if when i am able to, will i contribute much to an HNM LS by chi blasting HNM's like kirin and KB who are kited around. Thanks for all replies in advance :D

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    1k DMG -> Fafnir [Yes, please.]

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    You cant compare Amikiri to Fafnir.. or even Kirin for that matter.

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    can you do 1696 dmg without mage sub?

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    I can't for sure say, but it doesn't even look like he has a mage subjob in that picture. He only has 30 mp, so unless he is seriously using some MP > HP gear, I dunno what sub it would be. Actually, can't even tell what race it is. What race, sj were you using? Btw, that rocks.

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    yes, im positive mogi can match and even top that dmg on amikiri.

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    Sorry i wish i could say that was me, but his gear/sj is still unknown..

    Very much yes Im sure Mogi can match or top that dmg, his gear is godly, almost inspires me to do mnk myself.

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    well, if your asking if any melees as individuals can match 1696 (besides mogi) in one shot? then no.....

    but in the time it takes to boost then fire, i could do 2x that dmg.

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    SWEET! the only draw back is i will look like a complete fool in the mnd gear i have planned out, hehehehe :D

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    he was hume mnk with war sub =D im in his ls

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    god thats sexy, i can't wait to see damage like that.

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    -_- thats so godly i cant wait til my Freeze MBs top 1500 my best one w/ ES=1326 not bad for a lvl 50 ^^

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