I am currently seeking a linkshell to go with on HNM runs, and after I level some, Dynamis. I love my current linkshell but it is not yet strong enough to sucessfully camp HNMs. I've never fought one before and it looks like fun . I always hear people talking about fighting HNMs and see lower level people running around with HNM Titles and would like to experience this for myself.

I'm a Hume Red Mage currently at Lv63 (Subbing BLM). Rank 7 Windurst, and still have not completed ZM4 ><. I'm on as often as I can and consider myself a pretty dedicated team player.

If any good HNM linkshell could use a Red Mage, please send me a /tell. Im most often on at night (EST).

Name is Altimus, send me a /tell in game, reply here, or email me at mailto:[email protected]

Thanks for your time :wink: