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    Dynamis on dial up? it work ok?

    Im currently in the boat ur in - im sure i mentioned to u earlier.

    Rockin 56k now. ph33r.

    let me know so i dont waste my time ^^;;

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    it works pretty well except for that i have a lot of trouble loading a lot of the models (i never see what's going on)
    but no macro lag or anything

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    he also has trouble seeing that the PLD have 0 HP

    Vent sounds something like this:

    Bert: "I'm casting Cure V!"
    Various PLD: "We're already dead!"

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    :X It works for dialup on ps2, but dunno about pc.

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    shush almaa!! u die cuz bert wants u to die!! muahahaha. jp. ^^ but u should be fine joooduh ^^

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    I played on a 56k modem last Dynamis Beau, worked pretty well. I was able to do everything I was supposed to, which is quite complicated to be honest, engaging the mob and sitting there, tough work. Like Bert said, the only problem is that models don't really pop up, so half the time I was pissed as hell thinking everyone was sitting around doing nothing. But hey, its probably better that way, I die way too much if I actually use my tp.

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    hmmm- sounds like its worth a shot.

    knowing that im not really liked by a few members - think thered be objection if i tried to go with wiffleball when my ls members r going?

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