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    For TheOrderLS Rangers

    Hey, i'm a 67rng/nin from Lakshmi and since you guys have so much HNM experience, I was just wondering:

    What weapon do you guys use for HNMs? Eurytos Bow, Hellfire, or Othinus' Bow? Depending on which one, what ammo? Thanks.

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    Although I am a) not a RNG in the BG LS, and b) not a RNG at all -_-;, from the videos Ondori uses a gun. That rules out both the Eurytos's and Othinus.

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    Beaucedine on my Mind boasted Ondori toting an Othinus' Bow. >:3

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    O-Bow with darksteel bolts or Acid bolts. (holy when i'm low on funds)

    It's expensive but gun is really really good too. lately i've only been using the O-Bow cause of the flexibility of bolts, and darksteel quivers stack....

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