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    New Ranger neeed some help :(

    Ok so after I finish my drk (69), I really want to take rng all the way next. I am playing around with it right now and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what you find more useful? I am going to do gun no matter what, but between bow and xbow, I'm not really sure. Also what is some good gear to use when lvling?

    Thanks for your info

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    Well I'm not a high level ranger or anything but I think it would be wise to skill up bow and xbow all at the same time just so you're not gimp in any way. Skilling up a weapon that's way under leveled is a bitch and a half and you don't want to do it later on. Aren't gun and xbow both marksmanship though? You shouldn't really skill up with guns, they are mad slow, crossbows are fast and do nice damage, plus status effect bolts make pts kill faster.

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    the new Noct said is supposedly good till AF before that you should be able to wear the standard, leather, lizard, beetle, etc. it's not going to make a whole lot of difference in the Valk and Qufim levels.

    yes Marksmanship is X-bow and Gun, Archery is Bow.

    i'd think you want to keep bow skilled up just to keep bow skilled up.

    i'm pretty sure the +1 bows and the right level arrows are better than any gun or crossbow you can get damage wise up until Lv 50 or so.

    than Musketeer's Gun (maybe need the +1 or +2 version) and Silver Bullets are good but expensive.

    Othinus Bow is suppose to be great but that's around Lv 68.

    not a RNG either so

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    Noct+1 is worth its weight and much more. It'll last you until AF (as was said) easily. Just... watch out. Taking aggro with it on at 50-whatever will turn you into mush fast.

    I use Long Bows for the most part while levelling, Crossbows I use mainly to keep Marksmanship capped until I get to 52. >:3 Using Guns to skill Marksmanship is pretty harsh. Damage is poor, Delay is massive, and they chew through your wallet fast. Stick to Crossbows until 50 when you can get Musketeer's Gun or the +1 at 52.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almaa
    Skilling up a weapon that's way under leveled is a bitch and a half and you don't want to do it later on.
    Amen to that. I now have the pleasure of skilling up markmanship from 0 to 140 by myself...the sad thing is that my archery was already around 220 from my Sam, so I can't even claim to have been skilling up my bow as I lvled rng.

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    I dunno if our ls's rangers will agree but Gun is pants 40-50. Coz there isnt a "Good" Selection after 35's Acc+10 shotgun until 50. But @50.... shotgun is godly.

    Dont for get to lvl your throwing also, all of our rangers took a nice nip in the butt after seeing the D250 throwing items hehehe.

    Lujan ( Warrior 75, Ranger 58 ) Smilies suck

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    there have been thousands of topics covering gun, xbow, and bow.
    the simple fact, is that gun will outdamage all, but the price for it is obscene unless you have 10-15million gil lying around, just stick with bow and crossbow till 75. as for the armor, i was a ranger who grew up w/o noct gear, so i just used anything that was +agi and +rng accuracy. to lvl 50, then switched to my AF.

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    What would you say about bows b/c they one I know is the best, I'll never be able to afford >< (6.5mil)?

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    Basically, Bows have a much lower firing rate even compared to crossbows at earlier levels. For example, I was screwing around with my THF 17 the other day, and picked up a Crossbow +1 to play with in Dunes. There was a Lv17 RNG in my party, with a Power Bow +1 (Lv16 RNG). I was outdamaging him because I had just as much Ranged Accuracy that he did and was able to fire twice as fast. I think I took hate off the tank with SA then RAtk once. It was ridiculous (and if I didn't have max parry and max shield at that level, I'd die).

    I'm a Crossbow Ranger myself, as it would seem from that. You're losing... what, 2 RAcc by using a Bow instead of Crossbow? Pffft. Crossbow's got Acid Bolts (Defense Down effect) as well. Plus, since Crossbow Bolts that you'll use for a LONG time are only Cap 16 Woodworking, you can spend... 40k? (was me) getting Woodworking to 48 after selling all your products. Then you'll HQ most of the time and get HQ2 every now and again. Even if you don't HQ, on Bahamut at least you'll still save money by just making the damn things. It's ridiculous.

    XB0w 4 l1f3

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    Geno is my son, you can listen too him.

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    Ok so this is what I've gathered and want to make sure this is right...

    Noct +1 (till AF)
    Archer or Hawker Knifes

    Bows around 60-75
    Othinus's Bow
    War Bow +1

    And lvl my woodworking. Let me know if I'm missing something b/c I want to do this right.

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    Oh forgot about this too? What as far as ammo, Xbow, Bow, and gun is best for gods and HNMs?

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    Silver Bullets, Silver Bullets, Silver Bullets.

    I'm going to throw my hands up and shake them and make a little chant to go along with this.

    But you get the idea. If you use Crossbow for Gods, I'd say no less than Darksteel Bolts would suffice for the job at hand.

    Kabura Arrows for Longbow, I'm assuming. >_> Highest DMG, but then again that's got to get annoying with the Additional. Probably wouldn't land on Gods, but I mean... even just levelling... ew.

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    imo Gun is just too weak at lower levels and leaves you in a very bad spot if you have to suddenly get Utsusemi back up, or hit Barrage or Sharpshot and grab hate from a mage. It's just... it's nice, but it's slow as hell. Until 65+ish, I'm pretty sure I can do more DoT than anyone using a Gun. The only reason why I EVER carry one around is to switch it in when I need Eagle Eye Shot.

    Crossbow: Faster with DEF Down and other assorted Bolt effects

    Gun: Slow as hell with big time damage

    I guess I'll go buy stupid Musketeer's Gun +1 and take that out for a spin. But I'm sorry--I'm stickin' to my Crossbow.

    Your gear selection is fine. Just make sure you get as much AGI and RAcc as you can, and remember that RAcc is a priority over AGI.

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