If anyone want to spend some Beastmen seals on BC 40 or BC 50, send me a /tell to Bercus . Starting in 3 hours i´ll be online like 24 hours!

We will all spend like 40-160 seals each one of my 4 friends , and then sell all drops and share money so everyone gets fair drop. I´ll spend one more orb for trying erase.

Party set up will be worked out once all members are online, if my japanese friends still have to work it will be later! Also party will be made by which BC we will undertake! It will be 6-13 BC fights and two (me and my BLM friend have never done any BC 40+50).

So if you interested tell and i ll tell you if we go or not go or if we need your job or dont need!

thx take care