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    RNG Equip

    Hello, I started out recently as a rng and iam now a lvl 20, and i would like to ask what some good equipment to grab is. Since im the only rng in my ls, and among my friends i cant tell if i have the best or worst equip... So ive come to ask the best :D

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    Anything with a white outline around the box.

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    Hmm... Leaping boots don't have a white outline... nor does emp pin.... hmm lets see... bullets don't either.... wow... this is getting tougher....

    Can you say le pwnt +P

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    Anything that says RAcc+, RAtk+, or AGI+ on it. And STR+ if you're using a damn Bow.


    Go Crossbow at frickin' 30. It's insanely good just because you can nail the DEF down then toss Holy Bolts all day long. Making the rest of your party better and yourself better at the same time is never a bad thing.

    If it's not RAcc, RAtk, or AGI, it sucks. Period. Oh, and never, ever forget to have mithra/chiefkabobs. Never. 'Tis a sin. Saves you arrow money and makes you more kickass all in one.

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