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Thread: Kinda Newb Question But     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Kinda Newb Question But

    Ok my static party is made up of 6 real life friends and all we have been told is our party setup is terrible....yes its not the best but i find it alot more fun partying with 6 real life friends than looking for party so my question is

    we are all lvl 57 and are wondering on the best spot to level is

    our setup is

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    at 57 i did Boyhada tree and then moved to Cape terrigan at 58

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    Er, honestly, thats not THAT bad a pt setup. If your NINJA is rich as hell and using throwing items, maybe nin/rng in an xp pt. He can also, wich the cash, be doing some crazy debuffs, and attempting to spam damage ninjutsu as well. Your DRG needs to reconsider his life though.

    I partied in Boyhada at 57, and at 58 moved over to King Ranp's Tomb.

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    2 weeks ago the NIN started throwing stars and doing pretty good damage and yes the DRG does need to reconsider his life lol but hey its a game and its meant to be fun

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    Once you get 60+ you should probably have the nin sub thf for a little extra damage and to help control the hate.

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    57-58 i think you can do Jotant (giants) in Upper Delkfutt's.

    and while NIN + DRG aren't the jobs i'd pick in those slots, there's a lot worse you can do.

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    You ninja can spam shuriken.... if he's super rich.
    Too bad there is no throwing WS. That would be really nice. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by vudoodoodoo
    Too bad there is no throwing WS. That would be really nice. :D
    Flaming Frisbee!

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