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    Interested in your LS

    Hello Order of the Blue Gartr,

    I have been desperatly seeking a high end NA LS that I might join. I am not on your server which would make being recruited somewhat difficult right now. I can easily play 5 hours a day, I tend to play more then 8. Since Dec 16 2000 I have spent about 1/4 of my entire life in an MMO. In EQ i hit 350 play days about a year ago before I came to XI. I have no problem doing tedious things, or wiping 10 times on a NM before getting it right. I play 2 characters at once, Ephron pld/war and Analyia whm/smn, two accounts makes leveling much easier. My high play time, patience, and ability to think outside the box would make me an assest to any LS. I am not looking for phat lewt, I am however looking for a gathering of friendly individuals who are in good humor and have a need to raid, a need to prove themselves more capable then anyone else. If you guys think that I might be right for your LS then let me know and I will find a world pass pronto. I am not sure how long it would take me to hit 75 after the move, sometime in january perhaps.


    I put 2 and 2 together once and got 5, after checking my answer I decided that I shouldn't multiply any longer.

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    Sea Torques
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    hahaha interesting post. well, im not certain what the rest of the LS may say. but getting from 1 to 75 does require a lot of time. and since we do not know you, i dont think we would be able to guarantee you a spot in the LS. i dont want you to move servers, get to 75, and not get into the LS.

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    Yeah i know you cant assure anything, but really the risk is worth the reward. I would rather take a chance at having some real fun compared to doing mundane group name or so. If there is a chance I am all for it.


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    Salvage Bans
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    i hate when people think having 2 characters makes anything easier. sorry random but thats me.

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    lol i dont think time is this guys issue.....

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    I had a party where the tank, blm, and PLer were all the same person, and it SUCKED

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    I have experienced the same thing you're deciding on experiencing. I left Diabolos and made a character on Bahamut with my goal of joining BG. I befriended some of the BG members (as many as I could talk to without being bothersome) and they were really nice people. I notified them of my purpose on Bahamut and my goal.

    So, I started off on my journey leveling and what not. I met Lujan in West Ron hehe, super cool guy... sexy equip too. He helped me out with some gil until my gil got transfered over from Diabolos (RMT... shut up -_-, and when it did, I hastely paid him back. Anyways, my character over there was MNK19/WAR21 (was planning on being Mogi Jr.) when I figured out that starting over from scratch, having no fame/rank/quests/items, having to do G1 over again (oh God... the horror), and ALL the other things that took 4 million years to do... just a huge waste of time. On Diabolos I have a 60 RDM and since my goal is doing all the endgame stuff, this will be my ticket in. RDM is needed in pretty much... everything... and so I'll get to play a lot more than if I were MNK (not bashing Mogi, just saying MNKs wait longer for stuff, etc).

    Regarless, during my stay on Bahamut however, I befriended Astrix and Demerara, whom I kind of miss ; ;. So, I kept my character up who I may go back some day just to say hi and mess around with the BG people I met if they still remember me hehe.

    The moral of this story: don't do what you're contemplating doing unless you're 9999999% positive you wanted to do it. I sold everything until I just had R/EX on my Diabolos char, so when I went back to Diabolos, starting over was very, very hard. Also, like someone had mentioned earlier, you're not even guaranteed a spot in BG if you get to 75! So, just make extra super triple sure you want to, and you're going to follow through. What my time there was, even though it was fun ^^, really slowed me down in my goal. I think it was worth it tho hehe... BG people are super nice.

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    I dont think having 2 characters makes me 'coo'. I have played 2 characters in every MMO for years, in a group where i am the tank and my own healer no one can compare because i am the tank AND the healer. It only sucks when you have to try to run with both of them after a train or unexpected 300 point goblin bomb.

    Anyway I took a break from XI i returned to find my content IDs deleted. I am looking to have fun with the end game. Doing fame, getting gil, it isnt a problem on bahamut as i am having to do it over again now. I just figured that if i am going to do it again i might as well aim big, aim real big, and Order of the Blue Gartr is as big as it gets, and from watching the videos on the site it also seems to be as big as it gets in the fun department.

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    err i didnt mean to put cool in parenthesis, and yes 2 characters makes everything easier. You have 1/3 of a full group already. You get to do all quests twice. Imagine the benefit you get when you can do all the port quests twice? The crawlers nest map twice. Twice the gil from rank, twice the gil from everything. It does cost abit to keep 2 outfited in the best buyable for the level but so long as you are willing to put the hours in on some quest and farming RSE for yourself then it inst a problem. I also think 2's the limit, 2 hands, 2 keyboards, no talking, it works fine. 2 hands 3 keyboards... asking for trouble.

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    [Thats interesting]

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    Sea Torques
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    Jul 2004
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    n00b! real men not only play multi-computers but have different personalities for each char, like worldx and Bikwin(same person)

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