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    Creating a HNM ls

    Hey im a level 57 pld on Valefor. I've been talking with some of my firends about setting up a ls and starting to tackle HNM's when we hit 60.

    I was hoping you could give me some tips with how we should go about organising it and what HNM's we should take on first. I've got enough people interested (i think).

    Any help apreciated

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    don't invite joft

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    do what hb says and

    gather people that are interested and you're friends with. non-argumentation is key to a functional ls. you should get people interested in endgame and will level up.

    as for nm's, hunting things at 60 limits you to king arthro, serket, simurgh, bune, and other small things. you'll need 18 for these at lv60. although do-able, you guys should lvl up as a priority. this opens up options for higher lv nm's with better loot pools.

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