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Thread: Byakko fight setup ?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Byakko fight setup ?

    sorry got another question.
    my ls is gonna attempt byakko and i know this is 1 of the tougher god compare to genbu, suzaku and seiryu.
    i would like to know the recommended party for the fight as well as how to fight it? is it a direct fight or do we have to kite it ?

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    at least 3 stunners, DRK are preffered.

    Fill in the rest with at least another whm, preferablly 2 bards, some mnks rngs or smn. not sure on smn but I'd imagine it'd be pretty good.

    also don't underestimate skillchains
    darkness sc > byakko

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    also. direct fight. keep mages rng mnk etc out of aoe range (paralyzega).
    kiting byakko = death

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