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    Kirin, No Signet = better drops "True or false" ?

    I'm hearing a rummor from a japanese aquaitence of mine who is quite popular. The rumor is, you will get more items, and no wind crystals if No one has Signet while fighting kirin. I'm looking foward to giving it a try, as it's a simple task to not bring signet as I forget it often anyhow lol. Maybe you guys would like to try this as well. Harrypotter on Phoenix BLM75 JP claims his LS recieved 2 Shinning cloths on 1 Kirin due to no signet they got better drops. Let me know if this works for you guys.

    - ReTiCuLeX
    - TheWildSeven

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    Grrr I always forget to login under my username, yeah I'm registered!

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    I heard this arguement somewhere else too, maybe its true, I don't know. But the idea was that any NM has a limit to how many things it can drop, and by having signet, you are reducing the amount of spaces for its actual drops. BS or real? I don't know, but I hope more people try it out and tell us the results.

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    not true, I believe the actual drop has a reserved spot or something, then crystals can add to those drops, look at this loot, no crystal at all, only 2 actual drop

    again, look at this, 3 actual drop, 3 crystals add

    compare against the so called legendary 2 shining cloth drops, i found this under Raph's signature on ascendant sky forum, here. See, the left one has 4 actual drop and 2 crystals add, the right one has 3 actual drop, 2 shining, and 4 (!) crystals add, i've seen better loot than that, but i can't find it anymore

    so it looks like kirin only have 2-5 slots, and there might be some priorities among those item, or maybe some item occupied more than 1 slot

    I have 10 fafnir loots and by comparing those all and this site big kills loots i can assume those thing can only drop 3-8 actual items plus crystal add, and there is only 1 pic for 3drop, so it's really rare, the rest are 4-8 plus crystals

    oh btw look at this pic

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    I'm not intending to start anything here, but I know it's gonna happen. It just looks like cut-paste work to me. -_-a

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    um isn't it called artifact, since he save it on jpg? maybe i just didn't notice it, but the background pattern matched, and if he tried to fake it, he will make it as perfect as possible, like saving it to png or gif, look at this, my old joke to cravy, it's prefectly made from the scratch and you wont see any artifact/blur/something thinge since it's from png

    lets zoom it and compare to my jpg shot taken from the real ingame shot (the brightness has been increased +10 btw, so you can see it clearly), you can see the artifact from second image, eventhough it's the real one taken directly from game saved from jpg, i didnt compress it hard enough so there's not much artifact there

    i still believe it's the real screenshot since the background pattern matched, but if you say it's fake then so be it, i'm going to find the one i saw long time ago, i think it's from gameover thingie but i'm not too sure

    if anyone don't know about artifact, you can look

    edit: it's not noticable enough, i brighten it to +30 now

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    le pwnt?

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    Yus, pwnt indeed.

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    This is from another person in their ls.

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    Its real..


    Cybaster is 100% correct in pointing out that it is merely artifacts from compression using a lossy compression format.. meaning that quality is reduced to keep file size small. I'm sure Raph has a high quality version of that screenshot, just.. posting large images in sigs isn't nice on the bandwith for those on 56k etc~

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