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    Loot distribution and pointsystem

    hey im from Hades and we an HNM/dynamis ls and i was wondering how you guys distrubute valuble items such as venomous claw and other non rare/ex things

    sorry i didnt take the time to skim through the other threads, sorta lazy =P

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    this is a very difficult question to answer as we have never had a specific loot system. we don't use points for BG (but we do for dynamis, read the dynamis forum if youre interested) and have tried to avoid that sort of managerial nightmare in every single loot plan we've made.

    the general flow of items, in terms of priority, is this:
    rare/ex drops go to people who 1) have put in nearly the most time 2) can get the most use out of them
    useable sellable drops are given under the same priority
    non-useable sellable drops, first go to a fund, which is all spent on members' gear, mostly for main jobs, and which is spent 1mil/week (it used to be 2mil/week, but it caused a lot of strain + other issues) on dynamis. they can also be split among people who hunt them. the distinction here, between fund/split, really depends on the attitudes of members towards the LS. on the one side of the spectrum, people will force me to fund stuff, but then on the other side, other people will threaten me if we don't split stuff. all in all, the gil issue can get pretty gay.

    hope this answers your question. the venomous claw would fall under useable sellable drops. we'll award them to people until no one else needs a harness. but again, since we have no concrete system, there are exceptions sometimes, so, /shrug

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    Yeah Our shell DeadlySins on Lakshmi ran into this problem recently, Like with strider boots, some people wanted to hand it to our Rng or thf, and others wanted to split the gil (6mil on our server so 315k for 19 present) thats alot to poor LS memebers though so we split it.... we usually do splits unless we really need that person to get a certain equipment to be of more use.

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