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    Just some comments and questions

    I really love your website first off plus those videos 0_0 wow are absolutly amazing. Seeing pictures of HNM's doesnt really show in any kind of way the "fun" of fighting them and thanks to your website plus amazing videos I have partially experienced this "fun". Thanks for that as well^^ You guys seem to all be good friends and I have'nt seen FFXI players being freinds in such large amounts in a LONG time. Used to be fun then everyone fell out but I quit both JP and NA versions before even reaching lv60. Just kept lving jobs to like 55 then started another job, stupid really after seeing the fun you guys had. Now I'm in halls at uni and can't get internet gaming cause of stoopid network but I'm negotiating with the ppl in charge to let me play FFXI but my question anyway is: Will you guys still be playing at the end of the summer?^^ Its a long time away but I'm definetly going to start playing at the begining and with my experience should be able to get to 75 at least by the end.(Like 3months long anyway lol) Just wanted to know cause I'm really intrested in at least trying to get into your LS then anyway.

    I dunno. maybe I'm just to obsessed with FFXI. thought 12 would help me combat that but its not out until like 2006 in the EU T_T so I;'ll just have to beat FFXI before then^^

    Also I cant seem to find out anywhere but is lv75 now the highest lv anyone will ever get to? I know this sounds stupid seens as those new HNM dragons seem impossible cept that one ppl bet, but the other 2, looks like they would be hard to beat with lv80s from what Ive read.

    Thanks. :D

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    no one knows what's going to happen in 8 months.

    yes, 75 is still the level cap.

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    beat FFXI

    Mmhm. Good luck.

    Since I don't think anyone actually has a qualification of "beating" the game.

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    worldx beat the game

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    worldx is god

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    worldx is good indeed...but he cant be best forever ^^..i am trying...this is choko by the way ^^

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