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    Hello all of Blue

    I'm interested in joining Blue Gartr LS. I am a LVL45 Taru SAM (almost 46 ^^) I have had the game for 6 Months. I'm very familar with the game, and I am looking for an LS to contribute myself in any ways possible.


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    I am laugh

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    awwww ur taru's soo cute. but if u didnt see on the actual website, there are requirements to join the LS...ur um like 30 lvls away...><

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    Lv 45 in full AF, that's freaking awesome.

    yes, i'm just kidding around, don't take it seriously, nice sig. i need someone to make me a sig like that .

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    yah thats quite a feat to accomplish. but i have utmost respect for taru sams being one myself.

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