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    the last(hopefully) clearing run of beaucedine

    we did Xarc yesterday and for our 2nd run, got very far (and 2 AF2) with only 44 ppl. having more people combined with our new experience we could prolly get even further. so, we're gonna clear bcd one more time next sunday for the people who missed/weren't high enough for it last week. make sure you're able to come & you're 74 bbq

    and, to clarify, this isn't the last bcd run, but i want it to be the last one where we have to kill Angra for a long time.

    so next sun at 4pm east be at trail markings. & spread the word :wink:

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    roger that bert. its 4 am now got work in 2 hrs dont feel like getting 10k exp ;/. 74 tomorow. latez