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Thread: cool promathia music     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    cool promathia music

    i've only done missions up to riverne b01 but, as the cynical people have said, the best thing about the expansion so far is prolly the music
    there is a lot of music that i haven't heard past b01 so you can go here and get the program then go into the sound3 directory in your ff11 directory and covert it. just something fun to do =)

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    <3 Bert

    Awesome music, a lot of it reminds me of FFVIII

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    Semi off-topic:

    Is the Riverne #B-01 BCNM the last CoP mission?

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    no, it's only chapter 4. i know that up to the end of chapter 6 was in the game at the beginning of CoP, and have heard rumors but seen no evidence that 7 & 8 are in now

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    um, would any1 happen to know where i could download mp3s of these songs. I run on PS2 and cant exactly access the files on the HDD XD

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    highest fight right now is the fight against ultima which grants you the title ultima undertaker, and unconfirmed yet since they havent added next chapter but most think this or the next mission grants acess to the celestial capital.

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    You could just get this plugin for winamp and not worry about converting them.

    what's music238.bgw? sounds nice

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    I'm going to get that plugin as soon as I get home from school... I've been way to lazy to do all that converting and stuff.

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