Hey i almost got most of the stuff done i wanted to, except AF body, but ill get that too soon i guess,

want to say thx to some ppl here, that helped me a lot with it
you made actually someone keep playing this game, with the help on genkai 2,3 and AF stuff or Solo - Avatar fight buffs,

Thanks again to >>>Berticus<<<, who gets borred and thrown with stupido questions a lot ;D, but always friendly i was so happy once u were in Davoi and told me to come "quick" , then u helped me get one part of genkai done , also >>>>Yummy<<<< helped me on genkai 2 before, without him it would have been so messed up *lmao* like 15 ppl that didnt knew what to do any Yummy was about to explode i bet cause 15 ppl were running arround in Beacuidine like crazy , thx for leading us ;D.
Special thanks to >>>>>Nikki<<<<< too, who helped me on genkai 3 stuff in Beadeaux and on finding the coffer for my mitts, whitch i actually got with the help from >>>>Ganbachi <<<<<<yesterday, his Ifrit raped the NM in castle so much .... and it took about an hour of his time, cause i forgot to examine the ???. before ;D *hrhr* iam master of messing quests

PS: Thx to the party in Beadeaux with 5 BG´s (hellboy, imperatix +3more)
too that helped me kill these damn Quadavs for key

I really appreciate this help, cause without i probably would not hv had all of this stuff.
You should be proud of having these 4 in ya LS kk, keep pimpin´ like Bert would say ;D... Take Care all see ya arround

If Mohyta,Hachi,Purim and Spyderike, Mayako and Toyosaku see this too, i "love" you guys... i could hug them to dead for all the help