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    I love assholes (the people, not actual assholes)

    so I was minding my own business, harvesting in giddeus, and some trau named Sneery runs up and starts harvesting at my point. He then examines me, and sends me a tell, the conversation went something like this:

    LoL 40 whm with underleveled subjob calling me a noob because I'm harvesting fresh mugwort to level my cooking to 100

    oh and they were HIS harvest points, omigosh I'm so sorry I didn't realize people owned things anyone can claim

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    Yeah, that's pretty sad.

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    He probably works for IGE.

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    Yeah, when I was harvesting there (before Almaa came) he came up and stole one of my points too. I didn't do anything but I should've given him my special "Good-bye".

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    "Fuck" count: 7.5

    Gotta love newb convos.

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    "Fuck" count: 7.5

    Gotta love newb convos
    The first person to throw it out was Almaa.

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    you got a problem with that? it's a word, a very versatile word, and I used it, if you don't like it, fuck off

    and the fact that I was getting told by some asshole to stop doing things in a game I fucking pay for when it's all fair game to ANYONE pisses me off, if it doesn't piss you off and you can say "ok sure thing buddy" then good for you, but I say "fuck off"

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    If there is one thing BG does not have....its class.

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    If you want to pay for my account, then I'll let you tell me not to harvest unless I get gear, in the mean time, fuck off.

    Who are you, Mr. Guest, to attack me for telling someone else to fuck off for being an asshole, and a stupid asshole at that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    If there is one thing BG does not have....its class.
    I'd say if there was anything you don't have it'd be balls. It must be fun to say shit without revealing your name. =)

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    Thx for proving my point...

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    lol, that all... lol

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    true, if your not man enough to show your name, theres no point of really saying anything (^_^)b

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    do you people actually read the whole post before you reply?

    when "Guest" stated in his first post, he was talking to Epical who was refering to Sneery as a newbie for using the fuck multiple times. "Guest" was just pointing out that Almaa was the first to use the word so its not Sneery who started using the word fuck over and over. all of the sudden Almaa jumps on "Guest" and talks shit to him.. for what? because "guest" just pointed something out? he didnt say nothing bad about almaa he just pointed out to Epical that Almaa used it first. as soon as this happens all of you jump on him so of course giving him the impression that bg dont have class and so on.... all of u others jumping on the band wagon need to read before you post.

    well i think i made this long enough. not to put u down or nothing im not taking no sides. i agree with almaa i also think Sneery is a asshole, but you guys need to read and realize what "Guest" meant in his post and stop jumping to conclusions and going for his throat.

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    stfu yo

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    I think you stabbed my friend.
    I'll just stab you to be on the safe side.

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    Why dont one of you admins just ban guest posting

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