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    What lvl cam someone start taking bow HNM's

    Topic.. I'm a lvl 50 RNG been waiting a long time to try this out^^

    So I hope I can start fighting them soon.

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    Im not sure what you mean.
    Do you mean join a HNM LS and just range the HNMs?
    Find an HNM and range him solo?

    Either way, your way to low. At least on lakshmi my ranger friend had to wait till he was at least 65 to join one of the top HNM on the server.

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    if you always had hunter/archers prelude whatever you could fight(hit them with their high eva) weaker HNMs at 60 or so and land arrows. But IMO it's worth it to just wait till 75 since you damage would increase SEVERAL FOLD over just a few level ups and equipment upgrades. 18 60s can mob an HNM or 4 level 75s can kill.

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    I think he might mean 'what level can i start camping the NMs that drop bows?' like e.bow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lare
    I think he might mean 'what level can i start camping the NMs that drop bows?' like e.bow?
    Yeah that's what I thought when I saw this too. I'm assuming he means Eastern Shadow and Wyvernpoacher Drax;jaflkjeijfawej (yeah I don't know his full name -_-; )

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    i think he may also mean NM's that use ranged attacks. standing at a distance useing utsusemi and shadow binding or useing bind on it then nukeing the crap out of it while it trys to hit you with its own ranged attacks.

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    Well I messed that all up sorry I was really tired when I posted that.

    I was asking around when can I start taking on HNM's low lvl HNM's that is. Or around the lvl to start looking for a good HNM LS?

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    I might start putting together my own HNM ls om Lakshmi

    The others seem to be full and I was thinking have players around 50+ join and build the LS twords HNM's. Anyone this this might work?

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    65 is normally the minmum entrance lvl. But it is getting higher and higher now and some of them will require you to have sky access or at least some ZM missions done.

    If you are joining a 50+ ls, that ls more likely will go toward not HNM ls, but a coffer/AF ls... Almost everyone will ask for help for their AF and you will just get in the hole of doing AF over and over and forever...

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    and in a LS like that there are also other people who advance faster than others so they go off and join a second HNMLS and eventually leave thier lvl 50 friends behind :/

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