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    I dont know but this /confusing to me..i leave their ls name out but yesterday while camping Roc... we have another "LS" there camping aswell. Soon a GM shows up we are all confused.(had to edit picture because all the spamming ^^..sorry for bad photoshop skills)

    i am curious how do we MPK lvl 60+ people with lvl 30 mobs? ..... -.-;; these are the same people that said i stole Roc off of them day before when i stunn faster then their vokers /sigh

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    Chokomaru = <call14>

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    LOL i can ID that LS AND i know the ppl that are in those ppl cause Menace and Hollis are friends of mine, well mostly Hollis pted with him before i did the server change then came back. I would expect Menace to do something like that cause hes the one to do something that retarted... ill expect to be kicked outta the LS when i get on wednesday XD

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    sorry i made mistake..dont mean to take out on their ls..just "menace:..we were there again today at Roc camp and it was peaceful and both ls's were very nice to each other..so the only prob was menace guy lol....sorry i ofeended if that was your ls i was metioning lol...but we all get along now...plus i spoke with one of members of the "Linkshell" and they say menac some how got to roc camp...when he wasnt suppose to go ..but anyways the beef has been sqaushed... peace

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    was it revelations? i dont care to mention LS names. im a sackholder there and will have a talk with the LS leader about HNM etiquette. I dont want that LS to be turned into another LS w/a certain shade of blue. alot of people in that LS have potential they dont need to ruin thier reputation before they even gain one.

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    It must be some forming tradition to make exaggerated accusations on Roc.

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    indeed roc is weakest all HNM -.-;; not that big of deal..and drops arnt that great we just go for fun....but the LS isnt bad..just that player haha..but every ls has to have 1 of those people that ruin it for the team... and grats to FF for amikiri kill and got claw drop ^^

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    ooo elita what program u use to make your avatar and banners they funny w IM on aim "yoitschoko" or ill talk to u online

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    fraps + photoshop 7.0 + photoshop image ready = <3

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    menace was in knights. remember darkpoptart? yea, thats him

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    lol yea he was,but didnt he sell his account and then come back to play?
    and Chokomaru when you get on and see Hollis tell him i said "Hi" ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChOkOmArU
    indeed roc is weakest all HNM -.-;;
    i think serket easier

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