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    Kirin 2hr

    I just finished watching your Kirin video and i am wondering how he uses Astral Flow and kills almost everyone. How do all of you just get back up and keep fighting? If most people are weakened and he uses an AoE he could kill you all again. How does it work?

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    One time, I was weakened before Astral Flow went off and all the tanks were killed by it so I marathoned it while weakened, and almost died multiple times, but thanks to the other tanks who were now raised and weakened and great mages, we were able to recover.

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    right around the time its about to astral flow, pretend to be afk and hide in a corner

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    What you don't see in the video is that we actually bring 30 random people who we picked up in Jeuno with shouts to take over when people die, just like at KB...oh wait...

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    A good idea is to have a White Mage and a Ninja, Warrior, or Paladin w/NIN sub away in the portal room or hallway when Kirin has lost a decent amount of HP.

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    hehe... it's all random... I survived most of the 2hr even tho I only have less than (900 HP)
    just keep in mind not to have everyone running with the PLD

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