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Thread: New gods?!     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    New gods?!

    Vtvra or somthing like that, do you guys know annything about him/her? all i know is one night i was wandering from my EXP (replacment comming) and i went into a room with a bunch of strong undead and a HUGE dragon NM(like fafinir/nidhogg) i was wondering cus i asked my LS(were pretty strong 30 65+) and some said he has NEVER been beaten and is the hardest HNM on FFXI up to date. anny comments?

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    I soloed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almaa
    I soloed it
    i'm witness #1

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    yea almma pwned in 45 mins was pretty good almaa ^^ so u up for me soling it next weekend?www

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    wow they had all those people? what noobs

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