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    ReInstalling FFXI

    I wanna reinstall the game to fix something. Was wondering if doing so would delete my macro's and all my saved screenshots and like my friendlist and other such things. Any1 kno like which files i would have to take out and save, before i would reinstall?

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    You have to uninstall FFXI in order to reinstall it. You can backup the USER folder to save your macro. Once you reinstall FFXI, just copy the USER folder back then you will have all your macro back.

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    ok what about my screenshots and friend list, will reinstalling affect it at all?

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    your friend list is part of your POL ID so it stays intact, but your screenshots will be lost unless you back them up (I don't know how) but I suggest you stop using the in game screenshot feature because it sucks and try using Clipper

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    Ah ok nice, thnx

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