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    Lookin to make a deal

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you all would consider something. I would like to join your ls. However, I wouldn't be a full member, as of right now, I couldn't be a full member for any ls. I would like to just help out friend's and such. But, I would also like to join your ls kinda as a half-member/friend. I do work alot, but I thought it would be great for the time I am able to play, I could join you guys and do stuff for events or hnm's or god's. As of right now, I am able to play anytime on weekends, but I am limited during the week. Like I only have early mornings free, and like after midnite pst free. As of right now, for my character:
    ~rank 10, sky & moon pass acquired
    ~have pretty decent gear, w/o killing any hnm's,gods, or doin dynamis
    ~got me a few stat upgrades with my merit points
    not sure what else to say really

    it's just a thought guys, hope i dont get the door slammed in my face too hard

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