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    me again another question

    hi again your guys where so helpful the last time. so i at a desicion, i am 63 drg/sam and can wear coral earring and or mermans earring my gear so far is this GK Lance, Amemit mantle, sniper's ring x2, Full AF, Mermans gorget, assault earring, and spike earring. now coral earring is on my server is 15k and the merman earring is like 320k now is that even worth buying if i just get coral earing, 1 more attack and 1 more % doesnt seem all that worth it. and 2 i have an assault jerkin lucky enough to win the lot. should i buy feral jerkin for 2 lvls or no? thanks in advance again.

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    if you have the money than get the mermans, as for the feral jerkin i wouldn't bother with it just for the fact that with the new update the economy is bound to go haywire for a little while... you could wind up losing more money than it was worth.

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    If I were you, I would forget about the jerkin and merman earring now and buy amemit mantle+1 first. +5 Attack and + 1 STR than the normal one seems a much better choice for me. How much is the +1? It is 1 mil at bahamut.

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    Yeah the +1 amemits is about the same on fairy i have like 177 k on me i am trying to put my fishing up and then cooking to make money i like farm beehives to fund one craft right now and my fishing is 29 and im a novice.

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    sell your Mermans gorget and get a RK collar if you need money, it is much more cost effective.

    Fishing isn't profitable any more... they willl nerf fishing again in the future once people found another money fish. I stopped fishing at 50.

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    bad thing is...DRG can't wear RK Collar (or RG Collar) ;; I am 72 DRG as well...hmm I suggest getting Amemit +1 as well =x wisest choice^^. and, sub War plz >< SAM isn't great, trust me lol, your DMG will be gimp, and it isn't the big wonder everyone always said~

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    Oh DRG can't wear RK collar? doh, I thought DRG could... I guess I didn't pay enough attention. Yup, I feel bad for DRG now... no haubergeon, no RK collar...

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