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spawned on attohwa chasm. I dont think this is a hnm, since if 1 PT can kill it rather easily, then it must be weaker than roc. anything weaker than roc = not hnm. some rumor says that it might be HQ version of citipati (nm version that drops normal harpe) and can drop perseus's harpe and zoolater's hat, and grand title on the same class as kirin/nidhogg/3dragons >_>

well, good luck for thiefs :D

and i think they make mistake with the model -_- i thought boroka is going to be corse, and xolotl going to be hippoglyph as the myth says it has 4 legs and a woman head. any info on boroka?
edit: nvm, i read it wrong, boroka is the one with 4 legs, xolotl is the skeleton one