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    help me out rdm

    hi i am a 56 rdm and i have all of my spells and i have quite good gear i have all my AF but still need to kill NM in garlage for my hat and i have 500k atm. Eney way my question shud i buy an earth staff ? or is it over rated ? pleas can u get back to me asp

    thank you ^^

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    Slow is Earth type enfeeble...

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    Elemental staves are all awesome, but some are better for RDM than others. I bought my staves in this order: Dark, Ice, Wind, Light, Earth, Fire, Water, and then Thunder.

    Dark Staff is the most important for two main reasons. The obvious is the increase in the amount of MP you get from resting; when you get above level 60 your MP bar is going to go down faster than Paris Hilton at the docks, Dark Staff helps to make resting for MP more productive. Second is the boost it will provide when sleeping adds, the hidden benefit to each staff is that it boosts the effectiveness of spells of the corresponding elements by 10%. (15% for HQ staves) Using a Dark staff to sleep mobs is almost as good as Elemental Seal in many cases. Also, Dark Staff will help Drain and Aspir work a little harder for you if you sub BLM.

    Ice Staff is nice because it adds 10 points to your elemental skill, so you will get less resists when you magic burst. The hidden benefit applies to your ice based enfeebling spells, Paralyze and Bind. The down side to elemental staves is that they decrease the effectiveness of the element that is weak to the staff, in the case of the ice staff; it decreases the power of wind based spells. (Aero, Sneak, Silence, Gravity.)

    Once you get those two staves, it is a toss up between getting Wind and Light. I chose to buy a Wind Staff next because it affects two of our most important enfeebling spells: Silence and Gravity. Also, Wind Staff is something that will help a lot when you fight Maat if you go at level 69 or 70 since that is the most powerful elemental spell that we have at that point.

    Light Staff helps you to eek out a little more MP efficiency when you convert, and is handy for the dreaded parties in which you main heal.

    I place a lower priority on Earth Staff because Slow is the only enfeebling spell that we have that is earth based. (Besides Rasp, but that is BLM sub only.) It is nice to stick Slow, but the recast time is much lower than Gravity, so sticking it on the first try is slightly less important.

    Water, Fire, and Thunder are the lowest priority. I bought a Fire Staff first because I got a really good deal on it, otherwise I would have bought a Water Staff since it helps with Poison. We have no Fire or Thunder based enfeebles, so you can skip on buying them for a while. The reason to get these staves is for the bonus that you will get on the corresponding nukes, but that is of a lower priority than your enfeebling. (As you get more staves, macro them into your nukes and you will see a difference when magic bursting.)

    So the short answer to your question is: yes you should buy an Earth Staff, but there are other staves that you should buy first because they provide more benefit to your enfeebling and other duties

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    elemental staves are much more effective.. think wats better +4vit or -10% dmg taken for a pld (-15% for HQ)

    Thunder staff for rdm/drk

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    The obvious is the increase in the amount of MP you get from resting; when you get above level 60 your MP bar is going to go down faster than Paris Hilton at the docks
    I love you so much, Sept.

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