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    A question to the RNG's

    Hey guys.
    I started leveling Ranger and I found out that this job is awesome!
    There is only one problem. The cash.
    I cant make money good in this game.
    I used to play as a RDM, and imo they dont need very much cash all the time. (Dont tell me anything about it, I have played RDM and this is how I played, I farmed when I really needed to buy a scrool or equipment. But my money making method is so damn slow.)
    But I think that RNG needs money all the time, expensive gear and ammo all the time. You cant go exp when you dont have ammo. (Ammo costs money)

    So I would be really happy if someone could tell me a great way to earn a lot of money so I can continue level RNG (my favourite job, this game was meant to be fun)

    Hehe I know that I use a lot words on "money"

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    Level up other jobs to make money to take ranger up...

    Or have your fiance do non stop fishing - cooking to much money, then in polite and non-offensive manner begging for it...

    next take up woodworking, befriend a clothcrafter... and live off of scorpion arrow for as long as you can...

    there is no hidden formula for making money in this game... just have to do quest and sell stuff

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