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    SOE has 0 customer service support

    I left about 3 weeks ago to play EQ2. Got tired of the grind blah blah blah. Then I noticed that there was a 1hr maint everyday. Not too bad I guess and it was a very very clean launch little to no problems at all. Yesterday I came home from work early to get on guess what, server crash. ITS STILL DOWN w Anyway all they would say was that they were working on it and then they tell us they are rolling back the servers That was when I decided to call trusty SE and get my characters recovered. Soooooo see you guys soon

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    <3 Endo. See you again soon. :D

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    Try WoW...they are still having some server problems here and there, but at least they seem to care.

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    After playing WoW since launch I can say that its not for every MMO player. If you prefer the much slower paced, lots and lots of waiting and talking type of MMO (such as FFXI) WoW will prolly not be your cup of tea. Not that this a bad thing sometimes, I meant some cool people in FFXI, that I still talk to even after I have left. WoW is a huge game, that never forgets a game.

    WoW is very fast paced, and if you want to play alone, thats not a problem. This seems to lead to a somewhat less social setting since you dont have to rely on others for every little thing....this is a good and bad thing.

    Anyway, not trying to troll and start a huge debate or anything, just my 2 cents. Its cool that there are games out there for every type of gamer

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    But! Guests are trolls

    ...to me anyways, Sign up yay!

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    i got bored of ffxi, i have more fun playin WoW when i have time now
    i'm the beefy tauren 8)

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