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Thread: Goodbye FFXI :(     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Goodbye FFXI :(

    Well at the end of this month the account will be GONE . As I gain my life back because as some people on GFaqs boards say I cannot mannage my time correctly (*cough* BULL *cough*) this game has come a long way and it was fun talking to & playing with you all thank you. Hellboy expecially you call me if you feel the need to... Wich you probably wont... 425-417-3716... Oh and if you didnt figure it out my FFXI name was Hellraven.

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    Can I call and phone sex u?

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    Who are you?

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    The God Damn Kuno
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    Dec 2004
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    Kuno Sedai
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    FFXI Server

    XD to the order in which you asked those questions.

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    I'll be up in renton this week if you can come down. I'll probaby chill at devin's most of the time if you can head there.

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    Goodbye FFXI :(

    HAHA, yeh riiight go for it tho Ill give you to my friend hes good at girl moaning voices lmao roffle cookies lol

    anyway yeh Im your worst nightmare

    I pwnt thee FFXI with my level 98 Warrior on The Realm ( anyway once again (salutes) Im out BG!

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