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    RMT = Stupidos

    Well, i played on Monday and today with 2 BLM (64&65), both got equipment for some Millions, (for example Phant Earring+1)and when i started talking about RMT, they became noisy and didnt say anything more. They nuked stupido, Our Rangers asked "You plan to Magic Burst soon?", and once they decided to MB, they MB with wrong cast. Our Rangers told both not to nuke at start till SATA lands, and guess what they did?
    Although one of BLM when we partied HAD no money left lol for chocobo, but Equipment for close 10 Mill, i checked him and then laughed, he said when i asked him, how he can run out of money with that equip. I will make tomorrow 600k, so i gave him 1000gil.Hmmm but same day he bought Penitent´s Rope ;P
    BUT he sent me my 1000gil back today though
    Well and of course ImperialForce LS Leader (Xell) is RMT too , and is used to know to play like Sh**.
    So i figured out RMT = Stupidos
    Anyone else had something like that b4?

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    Very stupido. But if my father had 40 canisters of oil in the garage, I don't think he'd really care if 1 went missing either.

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    I dont think he would mind if you cut the bushes in your backyard for rupees either

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    yea my wallets a little light these days i gotta go cut the bushes with a huge sword

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    ok, N00b question of the day:

    What is RMT?


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    Real Money Trade

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