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    Ranger Equipment

    Hey, I'm a Ranger/Ninja (Elvaan) from Seraph and im a fan of your videos, but i have a question for 22 and Ondori and the other rangers:

    What equipment do you use, in party, and in HNM fights?
    I would appriciate specifics on weapons mostly, though any obscure armor that you cant see on the charactor modle would be appriciated as well

    thanks for your time

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    i personally use -

    Marathon style:
    Darksteel bolt - Olth. Crossbow.
    and all of the +str gear that i can get for damage.

    Fafnir/Striaght up tank style:
    Hellfire - Silver bullets
    Ranger AF2 for - emimty and + rapid shot. (body + feet + legs + head,etc)

    If i'm having troubles hitting i'll switch to 2 +range accu knives.

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    Would you say that without Eurytos' Bow archery is basicaly not needed in endgame? Or is it still useable but you just prefer marksmanship (i have both leveled and own the Othinus' Bow, just wondering in your opinion)

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