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    My friends owned Songokou for Valkrum Emperor

    Oh yes this is a fun fun story so listen in.

    My friend, Blackplague and his other friend Ritzy went out on the most dangerous quest of them all. To steal Valkrum Emperor from the trechorus and most feared nobles of them all, Songokou.

    It all started at 2:00 AM when they got to the camping spot.. They first spot Songokou, and a thunder of fear striked through there wrists as they know who he is. Another LS mate of mine was also determined to steal the noble's meal, who's name goes by "Louiedee."

    A few minutes later Blackplague informs the LS that the 1337 Songokou was camping VE too. Shock was through out the entire LS!

    An hour later, HE SPAWNED!!!

    Infront of Ritzy!

    Immediatly they claim it, and with dasterdly luck they get the drop!

    In short, poor guys win this round. :D

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    winning song one time doesn't prove anything. I think quite a few peopel has beaten song one or two times. However, if you can win song 10 times in a row then you can really be proud.

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    get higher than his 101 Goldsmithing and you can talk about owning.

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    alot of people have beat song to emp....but its not worth it...there are other less camped nms ^^but grats

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    yeh, a lot of people can beat songokou to the Emperor. it's just luck. Where he pops is where he pops. Many people say "shit songokou is there, he's just gonna get it anyway" that's why noobs don't camp the emperor

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    people think that Songokou is the fastest puller in Dunes. That rumor is false... the only reason Songokou is so famous is the fact that he's always there and he has the patience to camp and repeatedly check widescan for hours on end.

    people beat Songokou to Emp all the time, it's nothing special.

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    you cannot say you 'beat' songokou unles you thf/rng and stand right on top of him... people 'beating' song cause emp pops in front of them is nothing to brag about, fleeing past songokou? priceless

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