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    Brodie > BCNM Thief

    Lakshmi server:

    Well.... If you don't know, me, Serume, Weenie, Garion, and Leomagnus have been doing bcnm 30 KS runs Lachesis orb, scorps.

    We found a simple strategy that wins everytime, and were helping people out. our deal was simple. If the V.Claw dropped it was yours, ALl other drops were split 6 ways between the mages and the orb user.

    Well... Brodie's quitting the game all. and his Damacus Ingot sold for 2.6 million. Now instead of splitting that gil like he should. He assumes quitting the game means he can just keep it and sell it all to IGE or wherver

    Now I've known Brodie for a while, good or bad, This isn't like him, But I guess shit happens, Goodbye Brodie Forever known As a Thief instead of a good brd /sigh.

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    yup, it happends.

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    sorry that happend to you raiyne, you and i both know there are a lot of dick heads on lakshmi

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    I'm not so mad about me, as I myself am quitting soon, but the others arn't, they need money just like everyone else. 450k isn't chump change. I'm just sad people like that exist....sigh.

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    Yea im on lakshmi. I am thinking about switching servers. Get on bahamut with you guys... i would have to start all over again. But i think it would be fun knowing that you guys are the people that pretty much run the NA aspect of the server.

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