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    WoodWorking lvl'ing 73+ help ^^;

    Hiya, i'm nearing lvl 73 woodworking and i'm having a hard time finding the cheapest way to go w/o having a lu'shangs fishing rod to repair to lvl 80, and after that to lvl 100.
    I was *thinking* that this would be the best path but ::shurg:: probably wrong. If anyoen knows a diff path plz post a suggestions plz! (/cheer on lvl 100 WW)

    73-76 Darksteel Lance: Gona need smithing subskill though >.<

    76-79 Ebony Pole- Can hopefully sell a few to AH here and their.. lol

    79-83 Mithran Fishing Rod: Feery time! XD

    83-86 Eremite's Wand: Only prob would be the AH running out of them

    86 - 91: Kabura Arrow's - Can farm the Horns to save gill.

    Here's where i'm getting really confused, i know if i get to 91 w/ that plan or a diff i'll be super happy. Lacquer tree logs wtf?

    91-96 Lacquer Tree Sap - I think i can farm them from Malbor's in the jungles of kazham

    96-100 Irong-Splitter - Don't know the exact smithing sub skill >.<

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    You know what you should do?? Quit FFXI and join me in FFXI!!! just du et. (fun) cmonnnn u said u were gonna get WoW <.<; you can join my guild, i can make a vid..once i get a host. Cept..one of my friends is so addicted to the game...hes already level 50 Rogue, and uhh hes gettind D's and C's. I, am only a 32 warrior and getting A's and B's :D. The worst part about WoW...The "Weapon Skills"..they arnt very..colorful..like FFXI...and $$$ is easier to get..AND!! Gnomes get a mechanical Chicken to ride at lvl 40. :D i get a tiger sooo, quit FFXI or get WoW also <.<.


    P.S. You might wanna post what server your on. (He's on Ragnarok, like i used to be)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lancet
    You know what you should do?? Quit FFXI and join me in FFXI!!!

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    lmao..my bad...kinda tired after staying up for 3 days :-/

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    I miss you lancet i'm getting married you lil douche to leeloo and you an't gona be able to get to the wedding! Car > WoW.... me broke..

    (this got so off topic, anyone got advice for WW? lmao)

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    Thank god for rich relatives :D

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    77 wood at least?

    to get to 77 i suggest doing

    wind+ 1 silk thread + 1 mohogany lumber

    its less expensive than doing

    commodes... rosewood lumber x5 + earth

    poles sell for 500 to merchant... i just got 73 a week ago

    I'm not saying its right, ITS JUST MY OPINION

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