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    Adaman V.S. Gallant

    /wave. New to the forums, and had a question. I am quickly closing in on 70+ for my paladin, and was wondering what you'd prefer on an Elvaan PLD. I added up all the stats and did a bit of research and it seems Adaman is alot better.

    Adaman Total DEF: 158 HP+45 VIT+14 MND+4 AGI-2 Enm+11 Eva -4 INT-4
    Gallant Total DEF:108 HP+73 VIT+4 MND+3 AGI+3 CHR+5 Enmity+8

    The reason i ask, is because I see alot of your videos with most PLD in AF1. Other than the Enhancing of Cover etc <--(are these that important?) I don't see why i am told AF1 is better than Adaman by some PLD on my server. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks ahead of time ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cemmirri
    Adaman Total DEF: 158 HP+45 VIT+14 MND+4 AGI-2 Enm+11 Eva -4 INT-4
    correct date is
    Total DEF: 158 HP+27 VIT+14 MND+4 AGI-4 Enm+11 Eva -4 INT-4

    AF has a good balance of enemity and HP up. def 50 and vit 10 dosent work much than enemity and hp.Needless to say about enemity, why HP+ is an important point for pld is
    1: Much HP save you from hard attacks(WS,double/triple/critical attack, spells)
    For example:Fafnir uses dragon breath.
    in case your HP is 1500
    You take 1500 damage of points.You were defeated by the Fafnir.WHM needs to cast raise on you, and You cannot tank untill you are unweaken.
    in case your HP is 1500 over
    You take 1500 damage of points. WHM casts CureV on you. You recover 500 hitpoints. You can still tank.
    2: Much HP you have,more slowy hate decreases.
    You can get hate from mobs when you attack, cure etc etc..
    hate decreases when you takes damage, and the hate decreasing rate is decided by what % of max HP damage you take is.
    For example:Fafnir gives you 200 damage 10times.
    You got 20 enemity points from mob. and 1 points would decrease if you take damage of 10% of max HP.and it counts totally.
    in case your max hp is 1300:
    10% of 1300 is 130. total damage you take is 2000. 2000 divided by 130 equals 15. you lost 15 enemity points.
    in case your max hp is 1500:
    10% of 1500 is 150. 2000 divided by 150 equals 13. you lost 13 enemity points.

    so i recommend to buy only adaman feet and helm. and i think its ok other parts are AFs.

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    Oh nice, when I tank, I can tell when I'm about to lose hate or the provoke timer is almost ready but I never knew there was an exact calculation that you showed Ed. Very interesting^^

    I, in turn, won't buy any adaman because I like how all the other pld on my server hassle me about why I don't have ~full adaman~ just like they do.

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    Thanks alot, perfect explanation. ^.^

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    back when i was playing my pld character, i only got the adaman helm. pretty much cuz i hate the pld crown. too girly n gay for me. its ok for pld's like gir & eldopa tho, elvaans... Anyways, bout those boots, i nvr got them, meh, i didnt feel they were really worth it when i looked at the stats between the 2. i saw dopa with those boots. damn things were the most fugin shiny peices of equipment i ever seen.

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    When you reduce enemity by 1, your attack hate will decrese by 1%
    attack hate= your giving damage points x (100 + your enemity) ÷ 100
    (omit fractions)
    Ex:dm 232(enm-2)[227]<dm228(enm0) [228]
    dm 265(enm-8)[243]<dm244(enm0) [244]

    greater is one that get targeted by a mob after giving damage.
    figures in[] are answer for the formula.

    it shows that enm can increase damage hate, so To boost enm helps PLD with getting target by weak attacks than any other melees.

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    omg that formula just confused the fu** outta me. yeah just say enmity is good

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    All he said is every point of emnity is 1% more hate from attacking/magic.

    So get +10 Emn and if you do 10dmg while another melee does 10dmg you are guaranteed to hold hate over him w/o Provoke, as long as he has no emnity+.

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    Ok from a mage standpoint my question is how does curing = hate(formula wise). Seeing as how Cure V does not gain barely any hate where as a cure IV and Cure III gain tons. What I am thinking is if you are overriding the mobs dps then hate will be gained. Hence why repeated cure IV and Cure III will gain more hate then a cure V. Although you are healing for a greater amt of HP with cure V your heal per sec (hps) does not override the mobs dps. Tell me if I am wrong please and let me know how this works my ls and I have been trying to figure this out for quite some time.

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    Cure V gets about the same amount of hate as Cure III. Cure IV was made as a PLD spell to get hate.

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    cure5 is set hate (same hate regardless of how much you cure for). less than a full cure3, more than a full cure2.

    cure 1-4 is not set hate. It is hate based on how much you heal for. the more you heal for, the more hate it gives you. This only applies if you are healing someone who has hate from the mob.

    For example, if you are a rdm, and you convert, then the mob is pulled back to camp before you cure4 yourself twice, you will have no hate when u do so, as long as you havent touched the mob or touched anyone who has hate from the mob.

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    as long as you have done anything to the mob cure IV is used as a hate weapon. Therefore, just ONE dia cast from the rdm then he converts and cure IV's twice means he gets hate off the pld who has probably not had the chance to get hit enough to cure IV himself to get solid hate

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