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    how are you viewed?

    sup guys, this is my first post on these forums and i have a question for you~

    first off i am from Stainless LS on siren, no where close to alot of the larger NA ls's on the other servers such as you guys but Siren has had problems with NA development for a very long time, i think only 1 time kirin has been defeated with all NA(more than that with majority NA but) we are, and always have been a very contraversial LS on siren and are basically hated by the vast majority of the NA and JP comunity but we still manage to be one of the best on our server, which unfortunatley isnt much atm..

    i was wondering how you guys are viewed on your server compared to ours, maybe your 75 NA community is mainly you guys but on siren we are very divided, only thing that brings the others together is hatred towards us sometimes lol

    thx for your time~

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    Actually, TMO has defeated kirin 5 times, completely NA. 2 times with 5 or less VC members. Kirin told me at lunch break one day.

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    Well, for a long time there wasn't a very big LV75 NA base on Bahamut but recently that's changed a lot and it's gotten a lot bigger. Right now there are half a dozen or so NA LSes that hunt sky and 2-3 have killed Kirin, so the sky population has been getting closer to how it is during Japanese evenings. I would still say that the high level NA base is still small compared to the high level JP base on Bahamut though, so in that respect yeah.

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