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Thread: osode?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    who benefits most from osode?

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    I guess your talking about kirin's osode? Most people say rngs benefit the most from it, but i could see a war/pld/nin getting some good stats in there too.

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    pld cant equip

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    Sry i thought it was all job equip... my mistake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razz
    Monk - STR/VIT for weaponskill VIT for Chakra MND for Chi Blast DEX for critical hits

    Ranger - STR/AGI for weaponskill

    Samurai - STR for weaponskill DEX for critical hits AGI if you decide to bust out the sidewinders

    Warrior - STR/VIT for weaponskill DEX for critical hits

    I've tried it on my ninja and it doesnt do much tbh. Bards can and should use errant body instead of this. Hope this helps.

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    Osode > Errant body except when healing mp. (for brd)

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    Re: osode?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stigmatas
    who benefits most from osode?
    so ranger would be first on the list then who comes next and so on.

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    Rangers and Monks primarily. Samurai has the option of using a Haubergeon+1 which gives 4 less STR but 12 accuracy and attack.

    As for bards, I fail to see how Osode is better than errant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiberion02
    Osode > Errant body except when healing mp. (for brd)
    please explain your theory of why this is true?

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    about osode & bards, i agree with mitzki... the -enmity seems more important than the +mp to me.

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    Minus enmity is a lot better then 30 MP. Unless you're a bard who is soloing but there is no need. MP is a lot easier to get then the minus enmity especially with all the CHR has, all the minus enmity is nice.

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    Osode > Errant because no matter how much -enmity you have in long fights brd WILL steal hate. The +vit, higher def, and added hp combined with blink and Stoneskin can save a brds life. The negative effects of Errant are poopie. Besides Osode looks much better than Errant. And this game is all about who has the bigger e-penis so Osode > all until you kill Vrtra.

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    There are other things I can wera for -Enmity if I need it that bad. Errant Hat (despite how much I <3 crown, -5 enmity o_O), Errant Pants -3, Bard AF2 Cuffs -3, Merit.

    The 17 Vit Swing is pretty big when Nidhogg turns and get angry at Bards. Macro on Kabuto too for a +32 Vit swing and Earth Staff and you might survive 3 or 4 attacks.

    Plus c'mon, Bards are all about looking sweet.

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    once you get it, bard's roundlet is the only acceptable head piece in all song/chr situations. bard's cuffs are only good for their -enmity so they should only be used if you need that extra -enmity which is rare (maybe not so rare if youre not wearing errant body). once you figure him out, there is no reason for a bard/whm to get hate from fafnir, brd/smn is a different story it seems.

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    I would love a Roundlet but Dynamis for me hasn't been bard friendly. 10 different dynamis runs and the only brd worthy thing to drop has been ONE relic horn

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    I like the Osode because being elv bard the mp+ is nice, and as for errant -enimity.. how often do bards get hate anyways?

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    in dynamis bards get quite a bit of hate, against HNMs i remember getting hate often, but its been long since ive noticed trouble. with great tanks with the right +enmity gear, and bards with their -enmity gear (including errant body) things should be cake.

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    I get hate occasionally as a bard, but at a thing like fafnir I can play my job pretty much to the max without getting hate more then 2, maybe 3 times. The -3 emnity just doesnt matter as much as a cure2 to me. And the 17 VIT and higher Defense difference can also save my life. The others stats also help me in soloing situations. In terms of looks, its obviously better too :D. Although i dont mind wearing errant body, and i always carry it on me for resting anyways, and if i did have an issue with emnity its always there for me to use. I share an osode with a nin in my LS, but its mostly his, he won the lot. 10+ Kirins. and only one osode drop =\.

    Also i dont know whats worse in dynamis, it not dropping, or seeing it drop and losing. Ive seen every piece of bard AF2 drop before, pants once, and body twice. Always lost the lot only with two bards sometimes XD (2 bards on af2 legs and rolled a 300 something ^~^).

    Im not gonna say osode is best for bards though. Personally i think best for mnk/rng/sam.

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    Yes, I want roundlet so bad. Never seen it drop though in like 6+ Sandy runs.

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    It's a tie between Monk and Sam

    Sam/thf - Str, Dex, + Agi for SATA WS

    Monk/war - Str, Dex, Vit, Mnd, for ws and chi blast

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