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    Equipment dilemma

    Hi guys (and girls ^^) I m now lvl 70 tarutaru ninja, and i have a problem:
    I cant afford a harness yet due to lack of time to farm it.
    My first xp pt as a lvl 70, i died 2 times, that was horrible, i couldnt barely evade attacks.
    Current equip is :
    -Emperor hairpin
    -2x evasion earring
    -2x snipers ring
    -survival belt
    -R.K necklace (+4 acc +4 attack)
    -nomad mantle +1
    To be more efficient and reliable in xp PT, i m planning to sell my 2 snipers ring, and grab an evasion roque, (+7 evasion skill), a life belt to still have +10 acc and 2 ring agi +3.
    Is my plan the good one ? thanks for your advices ^^

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    usually at 70 you only need to avoid 1 or 2 attacks to keep your shadows up. you are what, lvling in kuftal? Make sure you slow the tigers and cockatrice down and paralyze them. (rdm or brds slow song should do wonders) and you should be fine. Haste also helps.

    Your equipment is fine but get a evasion torque and eat sushi (squid or sole) if you wanna keep hitting. It boost accuracy by like 14% and trust me, you will notice it.

    Right now I use 1 Sniper ring and a Sun ring (too cheap to buy another sniper ring ). whenever you get a chance, replace sun ring with a Jelly ring or a bomb queen ring since you are tarutaru (low hp hurts). Be careful tanking ladons, fang rush is insta-kill. Cockatrice can also kill you if shadows go down. Keep in mind you can't do everything yourself. So tell your PT members to keep a look out if your shadows accidently go down.

    You should try {moon} at 72 or shoot up to sky. If you have a good blm head to king raps tomb. Both aoe's the skeletons do drop shadows so careful.

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