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    MSG from SE

    From the Official FFXI Site:

    The development team is currently programming and testing numerous new features that will be added to the next major version update. At this time, updates are tentatively scheduled for late February and late April. In addition, the team is working on exciting new content for release in the near future. When dates for the aforementioned downloads have been set, they will be made available to the public via announcements on this page.

    Starting this year, the Developers' Room will no longer contain announcements regarding version updates. However, articles regarding all upcoming features can be found right here on the official FINAL FANTASY XI homepage. In addition to update information, we will also be expanding the Topics section to include everything from general information and event notices to suggestions brought up by you, the players!

    Vana'diel is ever changing, and it is our job to keep you up to speed. We will continually update this page so you can stay on top of what's in store for the future!
    Can it have anything to do with this

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    Yes. If you read the other posts, many pics have been posted already

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    Yes, I think it has alot to do with the new area "Al Tieu" (sp?)

    I cant wait for them to release this area. Anyone have an idea when there going to do this?

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    At this time, updates are tentatively scheduled for late February and late April.

    Looks good, i just hope they add other stuffs as well, not everyone is just waiting for the next chapter of CoP ^^

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