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    Twentytwo how much did it costed u to level woodworking 100?

    just wondering how much gil did u wasted just to get woodworking up to 100 ? mine is 70 and so far i blown like 2 mills.

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    Wow.. a whole 2 million ^^

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    99-100 cost between 9-10-mil (depending on how much you can sell iron plitters back for)

    90-99 about another 5-8mil or so...lancewood logs are hard to get somewhat on our server and cythra anglicas dont really sell back so you have to NPC them.

    61-89 i dont remeber

    1-60 was a joke..maybe 1mil?

    rough estimate i guess..

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    ok thx alot bro now i know i got no chance of getting it up to 100 lol

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