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    New guild requirements.

    In the next version update, there are additions and changes to the items required to fulfill guild contracts. These changes will reflect the new synthesis recipes that have been added since guild contracts became available. Please be aware that the item required to fulfill a current contract may change after the update has taken place.

    A new key item called "Alchemic Ensorcellment" will become available for purchase with alchemy guild points. Also, the number of guild points required to purchase the key item "Anima Synthesis" will be reduced.

    The development team hopes to bring you these improvements in the February version update.

    FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (2/9/2005)

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    My one wish would be that they make more than one guild item that you can turn in for points. Yesterday the Artisan guild point item for cooking was "Herb Crawler Eggs". Even on the best day they can be hard to find, it was impossible yesterday. I am really not looking forward to the guild point items that require King Truffles.

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