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    Glitches in Dynamis-Windurst

    Earlier today a Dynamis LS Im in decided to take another run at Dynamis-Windurst

    The first glitch i encountered personally. We all know that in Windurst you can fall off the edge of those dock-like things you fish off of into the water, then you have to call a GM to get out. This is exactly what happened to me, and we wasted about 15 minutes trying to get a GM to redirect me out (evidently its a hard concept for the GM to grasp i said and meant Dynamis-Windurst NOT Windurst). Anyway this was just a little glitch not that big of a deal just 15 minutes wasted that we wouldnt get back.

    The other glitch was a much more severe glitch and (imo) is what caused us to lose. Most will probably say one of the worst things about Dynamis is the Summoners, so you gotta sleep the avatars and kill the smns asap. We had a huge train of Vanguard Oracles when fighting the SMN NM so we slept all the avatars and started killing the oracles. It went very well and none of the melee attacked the avatars so it was going great. After we killed the last 2 oracles, their 2 avatars (Ifrit and Levithian i think) were still around. We figured it was just lag and disregarded it, until they woke up. They continued to follow us around the rest of the time limit, and were able to use their Astral Flow abilities even with their SMNs not around. It was a huge hassle to keep them slept at all time and this was probably the reason we lost.

    Have you guys experienced any of these glitches in this, or any other Dynamis zones?

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    With regards to Dynamis-Windurst, last weekend, I had a similar situation, with a rogue Titan... but we killed it relatively fast, and it wasn't an issue...

    Why didn't you guys just kill it instead of just letting it walk around?

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    Seen Yagudos falls under the docks sometimes but never had it happen with players.

    Never had the avatar problem happen either.

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    If you fall off the dock, you can still get yourself back up without a GM's help by running up the hill overlooking the AH to the west through the water. Happens to alot of our people, never been a real problem.

    Windy also has the same problem with the yagudo falling down, but if they do you can just forget about them because they wont aggro and you cant even nuke them if you wanted to.

    Never had the Avatar issue... that's a new one.

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    I haven't seen the avatar issue but we have had players and mobs falling over the bridges. If you use the right spells and position yourself just so you can pull the mobs up out of the water ^^

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