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    PM5-3 Level 60 Cap Tzar Snoll BCNM Question

    Ok first of all I wanna say that the Order of the Blue Gartr is my hero and I wish we had a sweet linkshell like yours on my server, Carbuncle.

    Now, to the point. My static PM party and I attempted the Bomb BCNM last night and failed miserably. We have read all the strategies and we worked our strategy around a 45 second time frame, the time that the bomb is supposed to last until he2 blows up.

    Our party configuration was 60PLD/WAR, 58 BLM/WHM, 57BLM/WHM, 55SMN/WHM, 60RDM/BLM, 60MNK/WAR.

    Before I get flamed for having people that aren't 60 yet, I'd like to explain that we are tryign to get them to level up as faast as possible. We know this isn't the best case scenario, but we tried anyhow.

    Basically, the fight only lasted 30 seconds from the time the Bomb came after us. It's almost as if we were jipped out of 15 seconds. Does this happen randomly or did we do something wrong? All in all, we got it down to maybe 2/3 dead, and the blm's could have easily got off another burst and MAYBE another fire 2 if we had that 15 minutes that we got jipped out of.

    Any suggestions by anyone? I've heard about the She-myu salt item, but it seems that Atomic Clusters 1) Spawn rarely, and 2) seem to hardly ever drop cluster cores.

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I know these guys still have to level to 60 to do the MOST damage, but I still think it is feasibly possible with this setup. So, whatcha think?

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    check PM^^

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    I need help with PM4-182-1.3-485

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    your PLD is nigh worthless for that fight =\. maybe you can use him as a decoy =\

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