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    well I figured it was worth asking

    ok for those who don't know about my history of vana'diel guide..
    just go look it up on gamefaqs or someplace..
    it's all over the place now..
    ANYWAY.. ... 20506.html
    or ... 55735.html
    are you two best bets

    to the point..
    I'm trying to make a section devoted to the plot/storyline of the AFs..
    if you guys remember any of your AFs plotline (especially names and places) I would be soooo thrilled
    just reply here if you do

    thanks for your time.

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    Monk was about Cornella shouting in lower jeuno for AF help.

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    The Bard AF storyline was about this travelling hume bard that went to Sandy... it has some spoilers so the rest will be in a PM.

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    I can definately help you with the Ninja storyline. I can even get you shots of the story if you give me some time, I need to conference with a few footprints and bards.

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    ranger story is best


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    I like the RDM story ^^;
    It is spooky...

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    I'll help you with the SAM storyline if need be.. although only the AF3 is interesting. The rest sucks

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