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    Ash Dragon

    How does one go about beating this beast?

    NIN tanks seem to fare well aganst him, but you can't dodge breath, Body Slam is ugly, so is that AoE the size of the room Dispellga he has.


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    Ive only fought it once. our strat was to die a lot and get raised fast. thnk we got a heart and a talon for it. Only reason we even fought it was cause we were bored though =o

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    mages have to stay back back back, and just navigate when cures are nessisary, cuz his belly flop gunna kill j00 ! idk maybe it was just my shitty luck and magnetic death pulling methods but ya .. must keep the taru's away from it ww

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    My LS has talked about killing this thing for a long time but when we get down to doing it, no ones interested XD

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