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Thread: Thief in PM's 60 cap     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Thief in PM's 60 cap

    The group I am in is nearing 60 cap PMs, and I am curious, is Thief effective in 60 PMs?(I.E. Sealion's Den BCNM) Or are we still useless? If any Thiefs here has had first had experience doing 60 cap PMs, please let me know. Or anyone who has had or still does have a Thief in their PM static. I am just wondering if I should take NIN to 60 or just go as THF. Thank you.^^

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    Quicklet did sealions on thf... i'm sure he can field this one...

    but i'd think almost treat it like:

    Ranger readies barrage
    Ranger readies sharpshot
    Ranger uses Slug Shot.
    (if hate is not pulled)
    Ranger uses barrage.
    Thief uses SA-TA Dancing Edge on to Ninja.

    Sounds like it could work.

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    Thief is perfectly fine for Mine Shaft, is fairly decent for Sealion's, and is pretty bad for Bearclaw, since our 2hr is defensive and not offensive.

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