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    Cursed Gear

    Is there anyone out that could make:

    1. Cursed Crown -1
    2. Cursed Mitts -1
    3. Cursed Slacks -1

    Yea I know the chances of HQ cursed gear is very very very slim. I still would like to shoot for the stars :D If anyone can make them please send me a /tell in game, you will be rewarded greatly. Thanks for your time.


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    One of our LS member has Zenith crown+1 and another has Zenith mitts+1

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    i think Silverlight made -1 crown for Ganbachi

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    If you ever get the -1 mitts made, post the price so I can get a rough estimate of the cost. Currently, the only sold pair of Cursed Mitts -1 ever sold, was for 5 mil to himself. Regular mitts are going for about 600k, so I'm thinking at most 3 mil for the -1 version. Even that is a generous amount. But let mw know what it would cost on your server, maybe 3 mil is chump change and I'll get away with a good deal.

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    Yoshi P
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    From my calculations of the materials, it's cheaper to have your cursed stuff made on Bahamut that buying an already made product. For example: Zenith crown a rough estimate will bring a total to 650-700 with the current price of Siren's hair and Gold ingot, but a Cursed Crown off the Ah will cost anywhere from 800-850 right now.

    Also, Sonus, charges 400k if he HQs it. I don't know about Silverlight or others. Gackn on the other hand charges only 10% off the current AH price.

    The fee for making my cursed Slaks-1 was more than materials cost me. I ended up paying 500k for HQ.

    Also even tho, Mits/Pumps/Dalmatica are Clothcraft, Crown is Goldsmithing and Pumps are Leathercraft.

    People to look for for Crown: Sonus, Silverlight and Gackn.
    For Slacks/Mitts: I wish I remembered the guys named that did it for me. Ask Hellboy, he was in the guild room when I had it made, he on the other hand had Mitts-1 made for him at the same time.

    Good luck with the synth and hope you get your gear. ^^

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    Regular mitts are going for about 600k
    Siren's Hair go for 1.3m each on Asura..

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    wow... that would make hair farming quite a bit more profitable. Even worth the headache of competition.

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    I already told the high lvl blacksmiths I will pay 10 mil for Cursed Hauberk-1 but they all just laugh and tell me it won't happen... I can always hope .

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