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    Forming ls on Diabolos server

    Hello all, i am from Diabolos server and i wanted to ask your permission to start a Theorder LS on my server so that Theodrder LS could be exdended throughout the servers

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    I believe this was asked some where else on this forum by another LS, and it was agreed that the order didnt want to be branched out to other servers due to members wanting the uniquenss of there LS name. Being the only order of the blue gartr. They also explained how they got there name and the history behind it, how it was created by edward the black back in europe centuries ago. The order of the blue gartr LS indeed has there own Edwardtheblack which gives the orderls there great name. I am not a member of this LS (im on odin server) but I am fairly sure the members are going to give you an answer that relates to what I have just stated.

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    once again, not to be rude, but we have been asked this now twice.

    Although flattering, I have to just say once again, that you need to make your own path in this game. Like I told the other 2, not only do the original members of BG not really feel comfortable about this, but people will relate you to us alot and you will never be recognized for your own individual accomplishments. Please take this into consideration and no hard feelings. :wink:

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    {Understood} 8)

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